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All Clear Metals
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In this kind of work there is rarely a one-size fits all solution, and a critical aspect of our work and experience is the flexibility to adapt and find bespoke fit solutions to often challenging projects.

Large buildings and facilities are rarely designed with plant replacement in mind, with equipment often constructed on site or properties built up around major systems like industrial sized boilers. Our service is built around a widely experienced team and range of equipment and services to ensure we can be flexible to any requirement or demand and deliver it confidently, effectively and safely in almost any environment from a packed city centre to a remote industrial park.


Bespoke, custom fit flexibility

Almost every project is different, and working as we often do in major city centres such as London takes careful, expert planning to ensure a smooth running project that minimises disruption and meets exceptional safety requirements. Every project is subject to careful, detailed surveys and planning calling on a wide range of expertise within out team, and an equally diverse equipment capability to ensure we can cut, lift and move around almost any size or weight of plant or metalwork in almost any environment.


Cutting capability

Our team includes highly experienced and qualified engineers who can provide a complete range of cutting services including cold cutting and oxy propane plasma cutting, ideal for dismantling and demolishing truly huge plant equipment into pieces more easily removed through tight spaces.


Lifting and crane capability

Such a critical part of our services we invest in a diverse range of crane vehicles ranging from a 7.5 ton crane with 3 ton per metre crane arm up to a 26 ton vehicle with a 19 ton per metre crane arm; a range of capability which we have found can meet almost any steel or plant repositioning or removal requirement.


To learn more about our services or to arrange for a full survey and quotation from our expert team contact us at any time.

Registered Address: 73 Hever Avenue, West Kingsdown, Kent. TN15 6HG

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